Coachella Camping 101

Camping at Coachella is an experience that, arguably, everyone should experience. Living at the festival for 4 days straight and allowing yourself to fully immerse in the love, sunshine, good music and good vibes that make Coachella so unique, transforms the experience entirely. However, it is also an incredibly exhausting endeavor. Although the festival ends at 11pm, the campgrounds have their own music areas and festival goers certainly keep the party going until the early morning. So, here you can find our list of tips on how to survive Coachella, camping style.

What to Bring:

  1. Tent
  2. EZ Up tents (get as many as possible, the more shade, the better!)
  3. Tarp(s)
  4. Tapestries & ZipTies to tie to the EZ UPs for more shade and privacy
  5. Hand-pump air mattress
  6. Blankets/Sleeping Bag/Pillows
  7. Portable Shower/SunShower
  8. Bathing suit to shower in
  9. Cooler with frozen water jugs, lots of snacks (bananas, granola bars, etc.), and easy to make items (such as bagels and cream cheese)
  10. Coleman stove (if you can get your hands on one, meals are SO much better)
  11. Speakers
  12. Folding table
  13. Beach Chairs
  14. Lantern
  15. Portable Phone Chargers
  16. Baby wipes/body wipes
  17. Sunscreen
  18. Advil/Tylenol
  19. Dry Shampoo (seriously, its incredibly helpful)
  20. Towels
  21. Eye mask & Ear Plugs
  22. Mirrors (we brought full body ones and handhelds)
  23. Playing cards & other entertainment & games
  24. Plastic Bags for all your dirty clothes & trash
  25. Flag/pinwheels something to mark your tent from the top so that when you are walking back from the festival you can easily find it.

Other tips:

  1. Become friends with your neighbors.
  2. You will wake up early with the sunrise and heat, so, take advantage of it and go get in line for the showers (if you can not bring your own portable one).
  3. Try to stay out of the sun as much as possible during the morning/day before you head into the festival, it will help keep you from getting too tired and dehydrated.
  4. Braids will be your favorite hairstyle, we promise!
  5. If you are companion camping and making the trek to catch up with your friends who have already set up their camp site, take a bike trolley. Seriously, they’re paid via tips and will take you (and all of your own luggage/gear) to the campsite much easier and quicker than you would by foot.

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