Silky Smooth: Shaving Tips

The summer months are our favorite months here, but they can be some of the most brutal months for our skin. Between the hot sun, the dry air, chlorine, salt and sweat our skin takes quite the beating. Shaving often only aggravates the situation, which is quite the issue seen as since it also happens to be the season for short shorts and bikinis. We’ve done our research and found what seems to be the most recommended regime so that you, too, can have the silky smooth legs and bikinis!

  1. Buy (or make!) a Body Scrub – See our DIY here
  2. Always Use A New Razor for Bikini
  3. Use a men’s razor, they are meant for faces so are designed to give a closer, smoother shave
  4. Get rid of that old loofah you have had for years, they harbor bacteria that can infect and cause in grown hairs
  5. For areas where hair grows horizontally, shave horizontally from the outside in
  6. For the bikini areas, applying a thin layer of all-natural, non-scented deodorant to the pelvic area can prevent bumps and ingrown hairs
  7. Purchase a bikini bump preventative ointment such as Shaveworks: The Cool Fix
  8. Never Rush!

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