Brand of the Week: Vitamin A

If you’re familiar with Diane’s Beachwear, you know that we pride ourselves on carrying every shape, size, and brand that we love.  So when asked to pick a favorite brand it is completely impossible to decide on just one.  That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate each week to featuring one of our top sellers, new trends, or classic brands.

This weeks fav feature is Vitamin A Swim.  Vitamin A has always held a spot in Diane’s top seller’s and is known as a bikini lover staple piece. This brand offers tops and bottoms in all cuts and styles for the modest or risky beach babe.  For this reason, we love Vitamin A and know that no matter what we feel confident in their swimwear.

Assets-Campaign Imagery-73TTEA_6KIMLPK_36451_f.jpg

Assets-Campaign Images-7RGJUN_62BPJUN_B12-02114_f.jpgAssets-Campaign Images-40T_42BJUN_19051_f.jpgAssets-Campaign Images-40TMLM_B13-0171.jpgAssets-Campaign Imagery-71T_45BLPL_31051_f.jpg

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