Perfect Beach Waves

The best way to get beach-y waves, is, of course, from countless dips in the ocean and sun dried Au-Natural. But if you don’t live by the beach, or have time to spend working on your hair and tan at the beach, those waves might just still be attainable.

We’ve done our research and collected a list of tips and tricks to getting those ever-so-coveted, perfect beach waves.



Braids for Waves

Braids an easy way for beach-y waves without worry of damaging your hair from heat.

First, the classic braid.

Secondly, the french braid.

Finally, the twist braid.

When sleeping in braids, its important to remember that the tighter the braid, the tighter the wave. So, our biggest tip is to shower, braid your hair loosely and give your hair plenty of time to completely dry.

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