Fake News – The Scoop On Self-Tanners

We all want that summer body glow, with warm, tan skin. But, if you can’t be out in the sun or choose not to (as a precaution to inevitable aging) self-tanning, aka fake tans, might be the move for you. Here’s our top picks of self tanners that will, undoubtedly, give you that summer glow as well as our insider tips and tricks!

Don’t Skip the SPF

The tip to getting the perfect tan with a tanning aid or tanning oil is to not let yourself burn. So, first apply a layer of your favorite SPF and let dry. Then, lather on the tanning oil.


Scrub, Scrub, Scrub!

In order to get the best, even tan, whether fake tanning or using a tanning aid using a body scrub is extremely important! Shop this one on our site or try making your own here!


Tan Towels!

Tan towels are a great option for a quick tanning fix (such as an impromptu beach trip!)

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