Ready, Set, Go! Bikinis for the Active Lifestyle

As much as we love detailed, delicate bikinis they are not ideal for every lifestyle. In Southern California there is plenty of water activities to do, and its so important to have a bikini that not only stays put, but also makes you feel confident and beautiful!       Shop our surf friendly collection here. 

Party Time

Pool parties are a summer time staple, they extend far beyond just the swimsuits and the grill. Here's what's on our list to make our summer pool parties the best ever!

We’re Celebrating 55 Years!

We feel so lucky to have been a part of your lives for 55 years! Here's a look back from our personal collection at some of our favorite moments over the years. What is the best part of the day for you? Beverly Hills, People 1981 

Bride to Be

Whether its for the Bachelorette Weekend or the Honeymoon, every bride needs a suit to match the occasion. Here's some of our favorites! Something Blue Bridal White