2017 Festival Trends

Music festivals have developed into entire ecosystems filled with love, friendship, music, freedom and, of course, fashion. Some look to this emphasis on fashion with disdain, saying that it has "changed" festivals and has turned Coachella into fashion show. However, we love that fashion has come into the spotlight of the festival scene. It has …

Coachella Camping 101

Camping at Coachella is an experience that, arguably, everyone should experience. LivingĀ at the festival for 4 days straight and allowing yourself to fully immerse in the love, sunshine, good music and good vibes that make Coachella so unique, transforms the experience entirely. However, it is also an incredibly exhausting endeavor. Although the festival ends at …

Music Discovery: March

As we head into the spring and summer months, the tropical deep house music and deep house music is becoming more and more prevalent. With Coachella artists in the 2017 lineup such as Autograf, Bonobo, Kiiara, Kungs, and Tycho, its clear that the genres are growing in popularity outside of the EDM world.

Here are some of our favorite tracks that are getting us excited for summer!